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Darts Rules

NIGHTLY FEE is $10 per player per night ($12.50 for Best of Bullseye)… This fee covers the cost of games and kitty fee. All of Bullseye’s leagues payback the kitty fee 100% PLUS!!!! (Bullseye provides an end of season banquet with free food & beer plus plaques & awards!) All leagues pay back from 1st to last place, so that all teams that finish the season receive prize money.


SANCTION FEE… There is a one-time annual Sanction Fee of $15 per player ($5 for summer). This fee is to be paid only once per year, no matter how many nights of league the player may play. This fee must be paid by the first night of play, and if not paid, $20 ($10 for summer) will be taken out of end of season prize money. SANCTION FEES DO NOT GET PUT IN THE BILL ACCEPTOR OF THE BOARD. Sanction Fees and player update forms can be dropped off in a labeled and sealed envelope at Tower Inn, Wilson’s, Monkeyshines, Pitcher’s Pub or Bowl-a-vard. Sanction fees can also be paid online via PayPal at


STARTING TIME… is 7:15pm with a 15 minute grace period or 7:30pm as a forfeit time (real time, not bar time). The match may be played without a full team. If a player(s) is (are) missing, the players who are there may start the match. If the game has started, the missing/late player(s) turn is just passed by. When the late player arrives they may not play in that game, but may play in the next scheduled game they are involved in. Another option is to pull a sub from the bar. If a sub is pulled from the bar, and the regular player arrives, the regular player must assume that spot and play the next scheduled game. A sub cannot play for a regular player who is present and able to play – unless approved by the opposing team captain.


STARTING THE MATCH… Select “League Menu” then “Play League”. Select the league you are in and then the Home Team. You can then change your order or add an additional player at this time. When everything is correct, select “choose visiting team”. You will then be prompted to pay $40 for 4-person teams, $30 for Triples, $20 for Doubles and $50 for “Best Of”. If you add a player, you must get the player’s full name, phone number & email to Bullseye along with their sanction fee by filling out a player update form and dropping it at a drop off location.


CHANGE ORDER/ADD PLAYER… Shooting order is up to the captain. After selecting the team, select the player to change with the arrow buttons and hit the red button. From the next screen, you either select a player from the list or select new player. If adding a new player you will “tap” in the player’s full name by hitting different sections on the dartboard that correspond to the letters of the alphabet.


MATCH PLAY… 13 games are played in Doubles, Short Season and Cricket Leagues. 4-Person leagues play 17 games and 11 games for summer Cricket Doubles. Standings are based on percentage of games won.


BACK UP BUTTON… The back-up button (up arrow) may be used if agreed to by both captains.


FORFEITS/MAKE-UP MATCHES… If a team is unable to play a scheduled match, the team must call Bullseye, the opposing captain and the bar the match is scheduled at before 5pm. If all 3 are not done, a forfeit may be awarded. It is both captains’ responsibility to contact the other captain to try and reschedule the match. No match forfeits will be given in the first week or the last four weeks of the season. Bullseye understands that occasionally matches must be rescheduled, however, teams that continuously cancel matches may be dropped from the league. If there is a forfeit, the winning team will receive 7 or 9 wins and 0 losses and the forfeiting team will receive 13 or 17 losses. Both teams must pay kitty for a forfeit and the forfeiting team will pay both teams’ quarters. Make-up matches must be completed within 4 weeks of the scheduled date (2 weeks for summer), if the match cannot be made up within that time frame, each team needs to contact Bullseye to set a date for the match. If the match is not played on the agreed upon date, one or both teams will receive a forfeit.



1.         Sportsmanship Rule: Good sportsmanship is expected at all times.

a.         If any questionable situations arise, please call the league cell phone immediately

b.         If any part of the machine is pushed or hit in such a way as to physically damage or move the dartboard so that it must be moved back into position to continue to play, this will be an automatic loss of the game. If this happens twice in a match, it will be considered a match loss and the match will then be treated as a forfeit.

2.         “Ringer” Rule: If a new player or sub is brought in to play and ends the match with an average that is higher than the team average (average of the 4 highest player’s average) and higher than the player they are replacing, the opposing team may contest that player’s games. This must be done in writing (email) within 24 hours of the match in question. If Bullseye upholds the protest, the team with “new player/sub” will forfeit any games won that the “sub” played in. Bullseye’s decision will be based on whether the performance of the sub altered the outcome of the match.

3.         “Shooter’s Advantage”: A dart that sticks in a mark but does not register or registers incorrectly will be manually scored after the incorrect scoring is acknowledged by both team captains. If darts are removed prior to agreement from both captains the original score the dart board registered will be used.

4.         High Average Awards: Players must play in 80% of scheduled matches to be eligible for high average awards.


LEAGUE STATS: Stats and schedules are available at


If any service issues with the dart board arise (bill acceptor, dart line, lights, connection etc.), call

(608) 241-7888 ext. 1 for immediate TECH SUPPORT (the number is also listed on the dart board).

Should you have any league questions, call BULLSEYE between 9 and 5 at (608) 241-7888 ext. 3 or call/text our “League Time Cell Phone” between 5 and 10 at (608) 576-7005



1.            Players stand at the “throw” line, 8 feet from the face of the dart board. It is legal to lean over the line. You may stop on, but not across, the line. For wheelchair-bound participants, the torso can be on but not across the line.


2.            Players may use their own darts if they meet the following specifications:

a.             Dart must be plastic tip.

b.            Dart cannot exceed 8 inches in total length.

c.             Flights can be no wider than ¾” (shaft to flight edge) and cannot have more than four wings.

d.            Darts cannot exceed 20 grams in weight.


3.            Each player throws a maximum of three darts per turn. Darts must be thrown only when the machine instructs to “Throw Darts” and the proper player is listed.


4.            It is not required for a player to throw all three darts on every turn. A player may pass or throw fewer than three darts. A player will always be allowed to throw all thee darts.


5.            Any dart thrown counts as a throw. A throw counts if it bounces out or if it misses the board completely. A player may not throw any darts over again. Dropped darts do not count as a dart thrown.


6.            “Shooter’s Advantage”: A dart that sticks in a mark but does not register or registers incorrectly will be manually scored after the incorrect scoring is acknowledged by both team captains. If darts are removed prior to agreement from both captains the original score the dart board registered will be used.


7.            If a dart bounces off the board, it is considered a dart thrown, even if it does not score. It cannot be thrown again.


8.            If a dart is thrown before the “Throw Darts” message lights, follow rule #3 in Special Rules. It cannot be thrown again.


9.            Any dart that scores as you are removing it, must be “backed up” by pressing the top button.




1.            The game is 301 or 501 any in-any out. The bullseye will count 50 points.


2.            All players start with 301 (or 501) points and attempt to reach zero. If a player scores more than the total required to reach zero, the player “busts” and the score returns to the score that was existing at the start of the their turn.


3.            When a player reaches zero, the game is over. The winning team is the team with the lowest combined score (both team members). If the game score ends in a tie, the player that reaches zero wins. If a player reaches zero when they are “frozen” (their combined score is higher than the opponent’s combined score), the win will be credited to the opposing team as a team win only.




1.            Game is played with a split bullseye. An outer bullseye will count as 25 points, and an inner bullseye will count as 50 points.


2.            The object will be to close (hit the number 3 times) the numbers 15 thru 20 and bullseye in any order and have the highest score. The player who closes all numbers first and has the greater or equal score, wins.