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Dart Rule Updates & Highlights

1.Thursday Madison Leagues are now CAPPED at 230 player rating

   Subs will not be added into the team rating but may only sub if they are equal or lower than the player they are replacing

   Ex: 45, 50, 55, 60 = 210 team rating, a sub with a 58 rating can only sub for the player with a 60 rating

Player ratings can be found here <---Link


2. Subbing players must have a lower or equal rating than the player they are replacing to be a legal sub in all non-handicapped leagues (excluding Best of Bullseye)


3. Handicapped League subs

    A sub's highest known average must be entered to determine a handicap (including averages from other league vendors). If a player does not have an average, 2.0mpr & 20.0ppd for men & 1.6mpr & 16ppd for women must be entered. The sub's MPR can be up to .4mpr greater than the player they are subbing for. If the sub's MPR is more than .4mpr higher than the player they are replacing they will be considered a "ringer" and subject to game forfeiture.


4. "Ringer Rule"

    If a sub is brought in to play and ends the match with an average that is higher than the team average (average of the 4 highest player's average) and higher than the player they are replacing, the opposing team may contest the match. If Bullseye upholds the protest, the team with the "new player/sub" will forfeit 5 games for 4-Person Combo leagues & 4 games for all other leagues. If the sub's MPR is more than .5mpr higher than the player they are subbing for, all games the sub played in are forfeit.


5. Handicap Leagues are now reverse handicapped for 01 games

    Instead of the lower player starting with points deducted, the higher average has points added to their score


6. Tuesday Best of Bullseye is now a Remote/Travel "Hybrid" League

    Teams will play remotely.  It is up to the visiting team if they would like to travel to their opponent's location and play the match in person.  If so, please

     leave a message on the league answering machine (608-241-7888 ext. 3) or email leagues@bullseyegames.com so we can track the correct board.


7. Shooter's Advantage also applies to Remote/Hybrid Leagues

    If the shooter's dart scores incorrectly or doesn't register the other team captain must be informed before correcting the dart manually


8. Nightly Fees Clarification:

    $10/player per night for all leagues, Best Of Bullseye $15/player

    The nightly fees cover the cost of the games and the remaining money goes into the prize fund as follows: