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Stern Pinball, Inc. solves another mystery with the new CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION pinball machine. Designed by Pat Lawlor Design and Stern Pinball, the CSI pinball machine adapts CBS's original Las Vegas-based CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATIONĀ® television series into a pinball machine. The CSI pinball machine will surely appeal to fans of all three CSI television shows, as well as homeowners and street operators alike. SLIGHTLY USED FROM OUR ROUTE. $3995.00
Now in its ninth season on CBS, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION is the No. 1 program on television in the U.S., averaging 21.4 million viewers and has spawned two additional hit shows, CSI: MIAMI® and CSI: NY®. CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION is an international phenomenon, having been named the #1 rated series in the world by Mediametrie at the 2008 Monte Carlo Television Festival for the second year in a row.

The CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION pinball machine, licensed from CBS Consumer Products, offers many exciting features, including: a mechanical Skull that loads pinballs into its eyes for release as the Skull rises above the playfield thus starting Skull Multi-ball; a Microscope mechanism that captures the pinball on a magnet for examination and release into Microscope Multi-ball; a Bullet scoop shot that catches the ball and propels it back into gameplay; a mini-flipper that flips the pinball into action; a Centrifuge Spinning Disc that captures the ball and thrusts it into play; and many ramps, drop targets, spinners and multi-ball play.

The CSI pinball machine features original speech from Robert David Hall, who plays Dr. Al Robbins, the coroner on the Las Vegas television show. There is also speech from the major characters, including Gil Grissom and Catherine Willows. CSI pinball features music from the television show, as well as David Thiel. Pinball Hall of Fame artists John Youssi and Margaret Hudson created the artwork.