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Pool Rule Updates & Highlights



Back-Up Scoresheets/Envelopes: can be found at all drop-off locations, Pitcher's, Bowl-a-vard, Wilson's, Tower Inn & Monkeyshines for teams needing an extra scoresheet.


Positional rounds: will now be scheduled mid-season instead of the last week. In a positional round, a team may move up and down and the positional round will be considered a regular scheduled match.


Substitute Policy: Leagues have been renumbered to help simplify the Sub Rule. Players in leagues numbered in the 20’s can only sub in other leagues in the 20’s, players can only sub in a league with an equal or lower number in the 10’s place (e.g. players in league #41 can sub in 40’s, 30’s and 20’s). Leagues in 60’s have a large variation in skill level and players must receive permission from the opposing team or Bullseye prior to subbing. Players still must be of similar skill level to the player they are replacing. If you have any questions, please call Bullseye.


Game Rotation: Players are responsible for paying attention to the game rotation and breaking order. In the event that a game is played out of order, the score for that game will count for when it should have been played, regardless of who did/should have racked/broke in the game. Exception: Vegas league will replay any game shot out of order.

#61 Tuesday Tablerunners is now Ball in Hand.


Equipment Maintenance: Please notify Bullseye of any pool table issues (unlevel table, rip in felt, broken coin mech, etc...) by calling and leaving a message on the service line (608-241-3345 ext.1) If we don't know there is a problem we can't fix it.